One of the best possible options available to you with your return of serve is to hit a slice. The slice is not only limited to the backhand side but you can use it on your forehand return too.

The reason why it’s such an effective options as a return is that you can get the ball very deep and still keep it low which make it very difficult for the serving team to get into net from your return.

Forcing them to stay back by making a 3rd shot drop incredibly difficult is a great way to raise your chances of winning that point.

The first team to capture the net has the best chance of winning the point especially if the other team has at least one person that is forced to stay back. Slicing the ball is one of the best ways to achieve this.

In this blog we will describe to you how to drill a strong, consistent, deep and low slice return and groundstroke. This will help keep the serving team back.

In the game of pickleball the return is very crucial.

If you hit a short and bad return your opponents could potentially slam it on you. But, if you hit a good, deep return with low slice it makes it harder for them to hit that third shot to get to the net. It even makes it a lot harder for them to hit a driving third shot as well.


I have these line of cones. You can use tape or whatever else you may have. I have placed them approximately four feet from the baseline.

My practice partner is going to serve it deep to me and I’m going to try to return deep with that slice.

After that we’re going to have a continuous rally trying to hit slices at each other. Essentially, we’re going to be working on our returns and our slice ground strokes to keep that ball low and deep.

Try to hit some slice ground strokes straight ahead as well as cross-court.

If you want to turn this into a fun game you could go to five or ten points. You score one point when it lands on or past the cones.

Remember to practice both the forehand and the backhand as well as hitting on the even side of the court and the odd side of the court.

You and your partner should both take turns serving as well as returning.

The return game is super important. Remember the better return you hit, the  harder it is for the serving team to get  to the net. The whole goal is to keep your opponents back at the baseline as long as you can and to even potentially make them miss their third shot.

I hope this drill helps you out.

Go out there with a partner and practice!