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Blocking Hard Shots | How To Block Shots When Attacked In Pickleball

Often, when an opponent attacks you at the net, the best option is to attack and hit a hard shot right back. However, often that is not possible if we can't hit down on the ball because their attacking shot has been hit down on us. And if we try to attack that right...

Paddle Position At The Net | How To Defend Body Shots

There's a lot of misinformation out there about how to best hold your paddle up at the net. We've heard some coaches explain it in a way that we agree with but we've also heard many say things like "hold the pace up high" and we've also heard "hold your paddle in a...

How To Hit Your Backhand 3rd Shot Drop On A Dime

  Do you struggle with your 3rd shot drop on the backhand side? Many have a much harder time with their 3rd shot on the backhand and prefer to take most 3rd shots with their forehand. However, to be a complete player and advance as far as you can with your skill in...

Two Handed Backhand Stroke Analysis with Tyler Loong

Tyler Loong has one of the best two handed backhands on the Pickleball pro tour. In this video, we check out Tyler's two handed backhand groundstroke motion in full speed as well as slow motion. We'll also break down and analyze all the components of Tyler's backhand...


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“You guys have really done an excellent job with your videos. Nice length, excellent guest instructors, and great examples/editing.”

Scott F.

“Awesome videos on YouTube. Told all my friends about them. Look forward to working with you two at helping me go from a low 4.0 to an upper 4.0 to start.”

Darrell P.

“Watched your latest video on drop shot drills. Well done!  Looking forward to digging in and watching all when I get a minute. Thanks for doing what you do!”

Pat J.

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Nicole Havlicek

Nicole Havlicek

PrimeTime Pickleball Coach

Nicole is a former nationally ranked Division 1 tennis player turned pickleball player and an IPTPA certified pickleball coach.

Jordan Briones

Jordan Briones

PrimeTime Pickleball Coach

Jordan is a 5.0 pickleball player and a IPTPA certified pickleball coach. He is widely considered one of the top players in the country.

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