In this video, we’re joined by our guest pickleball pro Marcin Rozpedski. He is a National Champion and US Open Champion so he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to playing winning pickle ball.

In this video, Marcin is going to share with us a great tip for successful dinking. This is “Dinking With A Purpose” and here’s Marcin to show us how it’s done.

Full Transcript:
Hey guys my name is Marcin Rozpedski. I’m here with Jordan Briones. We are here in beautiful Casa Grande, AZ at Nationals and I have a quick tip for you guys.

A lot of times, when I see many players warming up, and we warm up obviously short and in the non volley zone and we’re dinking, thinking and to me on a certain level, I notice that the dinking has no purpose or no intention behind it.

Players are out there just hitting regular, repetitive ball, really what I consider to be a “dead ball” which means a ball that has no purpose.

We really want to change that and move away from that type of purposeless warm up dinking. We need to warm up as if we are playing, which is….moving people around, right?

Nadal, I very famous and accomplished pro tennis player said that every time he goes out and plays tennis, every ball has to have a purpose.

So even on my warm ups, I’m trying to move you around, I’m trying to get a topspin, I’m trying to get a slice so therefore I’m used to that in a match. I’m used to changing things up and keeping you guessing and making sure that I am prepared and focused and able to move it around on you.

So let’s stop the dead ball dinking that is just straight back and forth with no real intention behind it. Let’s move each other around and let’s let’s have every ball have a purpose and give ourselves more of a game like experience even in the warm up.

And if you can hit a volley, hit a volley like you would in match, don’t step back and let it bounce. Hold that posting up at the NVZ line and volley dink with authority, with firmness and meaning and a plan.

He’s moves me, and I move him and we’re really getting something out of it at that point.

I have to produce a bit of footwork. I have to watch the ball. There isn’t a ton of room to hit to so I have to be really precise with my dinks.

If you do your dink practice this way, you’re going to get so much better, so much sharper by placing them, by being intentional with your placement and the shape and direction of your dink rather than just a regular straight ahead, dead dink.

Thanks to Marcin for being our guest pro in this video and and for sharing this great tip with us.

Marcin holds a tournament at The Lakes Club set in beautiful Palm Desert, California and it’s one of the most fun and anticipated tournaments of the year. You’ll definitely want to check that out and there’s a good chance that Jordan and Nicole will be there

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