In today’s blog we’re going to talk about the forehand drive.

You can use your forehand drive off of a return of serve or maybe a third shot depending on when you get that ball.

What we want to talk about is a technique which is the less backswing the better.

When you’re taking your forehand drive make sure it’s nice and compact. Make a small backward “C” motion.

When you’re taking the backswing it should stay right by your side and not go to far up, back, etc. Keep it right by your side.

Another thing we like to talk about is balance. That is so key when you’re hitting a forehand. You want to make sure you’re stepping in.

If you like hitting an open stance, make sure that your wide and your balanced. You should be down/low to the ground. So, bending your knees is also key component.

Do not over hit the ball. Where you’re getting the power from is, again, your balance, and hitting the ball off the sweet spot.

You’re not going to find a clean drive when you hit the frame or if you overdo it. That’s where you’re going to miss your sweet spot.

So, again, small backswing, short contact.

Make sure your follow-through is in front and your point of contact is where you can see it, in front of you.

Your follow-through is going forward, towards the net.

We hope you got those tips on your forehand drive.

  1. Make sure to stay balanced
  2. Make sure to keep a short backswing
  3. Make sure you’re watching that ball on your sweet spot