In this video we cover what to do when you get lobbed in pickleball.

Ideally, you would be able to hit it out of the air with an overhead but often the lob is quite good and you will have to let it bounce and then chase it down.

We’ll show you what to do and how to do it in order to successfully defend the lob and get back up to that NVZ line.

We’re going to be going over a drill that’s going to help you in returning or retrieving lobs.

When all four players are up at the non-volley zone sometimes you will get lobbed and it is a hard shot to return.

If I get lobbed, usually I will have my partner go back as well depending on the kind of shot I hit.

But, generally, I would tell people to try to drop that shot into the kitchen so that they can’t hurt you anymore.

As soon as soon as you get lob you and your partner are gonna be deep into the court and you want to try to hit a third shot drop into the kitchen so that you and your partner could get up into a neutral zone at the non-volley zone again.


I have my friend Aaron with me today. We’re going to dink and we’re going to alternate on lobbing each other.

We’re going to try our best to get our lobs deep but even if it’s a shorter lob we’re going to let it drop and try to run back and try to hit that drop. Then, we’re going to try to work our way back up to the net.

We’re just using half of the court. The sidelines are out and the centre line is going to be out as well.

This drill is also good to practice hitting your lobs.

When I choose to lob that ball I’m going to do so in such a way that my opponent doesn’t know that I’m going to do it. When I hit the lob it’s going to be like the dink motion but I’m just going to push and extend up.

A good thing to to note that when you do receive a lob ball you don’t want to panic. You just want to get back there as quickly as possible. Start peddling back or try to sprint back if you need to.

Once you reach the ball do your best to send it back and drop it in the kitchen.

Go and there and practice! Remember to have fun also!