When playing pickleball, there is no way to avoid hitting a bad 3rd shot from time to time. It’s ok, it happens to everyone…even the pros. As long as the ball went over the net and is in bounds, you’re still in the point and there is still something you can to to get out of it.

So, you’ve hit a bad 3rd shot and now you’re being attacked by your opponents as they try to put the ball away and win the point.

Your best option is to hit a reset shot. All that means, is that wherever you are in the court, you hit a soft shot that drops into the kitchen in much the same way as you would try to hit a 3rd shot.

You are going for the same effect, which is to hit an unattackable ball and follow it into the net.

It’s the right play, but it’s easier said than done so we got the help of Pro player and National Champion Daniel Moore to show us how to best train the reset shot. Check out the video…