Are you having trouble with your 3rd shot drop?

Today we’re going to look at a progressive 3rd shot drill that anyone can do. Let’s check it out!


For this drill, both players will start at the NVZ line.

One person will be the ball “feeder”, and the other will be executing the drill.

Like the previous video, you will only need to use half of the court.

The ball feeder will feed the ball, and the other player will hit two dinks from the NVZ line.

After successfully hitting two dinks that land into the kitchen, the player will take a small step back, and then attempt to hit two shots from that new position.

The whole objective is to make it all the way to the baseline, by successfully hitting shots that land into the NVZ.

If the player hits the ball past the NVZ line, or hits the ball into the net, the players will switch positions and the player that was feeding the ball will now execute the drill.

This is a very effective drill that teaches you how to control and feel the ball.

Starting out by hitting dinks from the NVZ, you will progress by each small step you take as you move further from the net.

What you will notice is that the stroke that I use for a dink, is very similar to my 3rd shot drop as I work my way back to the baseline.

Check out this quick side-by- side comparison of my dink at the NVZ line and my 3rd shot drop from the baseline.

As you can see, they are very similar, as I use the same basic stroke fundamentals for both shots.

Doing this progressive 3rd shot drill will help you with the touch you need to drop a shot into the kitchen from the baseline.

Many players over complicate the 3rd shot, and make it seem a lot harder than it actually is.

As you do this drill over and over, you will find yourself gaining more confidence and control as you hit your 3rd shot drops.

Remember, the 3rd shot drop is one of the hardest shots to master in pickleball but with dedicated practice, and determination, you too can master the 3rd shot drop.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and practice.

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