Have you noticed that your backhand dink is less consistent than your forehand?

If your backhand seems to be a weakness, then this is the video/blog for you!

Let’s jump right in!


Alright, so this is called the backhand (or odd-side) crosscourt dink drill.

For this drill, you’ll only be using the left side of the court.

Just like the last video, my partner and I will start and the NVZ line.

One of us will feed the ball, and the drill will begin. Remember that the sidelines are out of bounds, and that there’s an imaginary line through the center of the NVZ.

This drill will heavily focus on your crosscourt backhand dink.

Since the focus of this drill is to practice your backhand, I try to keep all the dinks to my partner’s backhand side. However, it’s also good to change the direction of the ball and to practice dinking to the middle of the court as well, trying to catch your opponent off guard.

This drill, like the previous video, is played out to 5 points, win by 1.

After you play a few games to 5 points with only dinks, add in some hard drives and volleys to change the speed of the game, simulating a real point. Remember, the main goal of this drill is to out-dink your opponent, but if your partner sends you a dink to high or too deep-don’t be afraid to speed up the ball.

Let take a look at some of our points. (See video at top of post)

One thing that you’ll notice is if I get a dink out wide, I’ll make sure that I move my feet quickly so that I’m ready and in position to hit a backhand dink.

Although at other times, you’ll see me get very low to meet the ball, and catch the dink in the air as a volley.

Volleying dinks in the air allows me to stay in position and close to the NVZ, but it also means I have to get very low to meet the ball.

As you do this drill more often, you’ll develop the patience and consistency it takes to out-dink your opponent to win the point.

The better you and your partner get, the longer your rallies will become, and in turn, you should see your dink game improve each time you step on the court.

So get out there and practice! And remember, keep dinking!

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