The PrimeTime Pickleball Team goes LIVE celebrating 10K subscribers!

We answer many frequently asked questions about pickleball and PrimeTime.

On this livestream we cover:

  • Why Jordan & Nicole started PrimeTime and how we see ourselves fitting into the pickleball instructional landscape.
  • What we do with comments on our Youtube videos and how they help us shape the direction of the channel
  • What paddle Jordan uses and why. This is one of the top questions we get asked on a regular basis.
  • How to deal with heavy side spin shots
  • Where Primetime Pickleball is headed in the next few years
  • How to mentally prepare for tournament match play.
  • How to approach making a major technical change on your stroke. For example if you come from racketball and tend to use a lot of wrist…how to break that habit
  • and much much more

Big thank you to everyone that supports Primetime by watching, sharing, commenting, liking our videos. We appreciate you and you can keep expecting helpful content from us. That’s what we do!

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