Here’s What People Have To Say About PrimeTime…

“I have been using the videos as home study in terms of strategy and a more intellectual understanding of the game. They are a great resource for myself and I have had to watch and rewatch sometimes in order to think about what and why Im selecting shots.”

-Shelley Wood

“You are absolutely my favorite online pickleball coach. Here is what I think sets you apart from the others, well organized, good detail, you get right to the point, great explanations about what you should do and why you should do it, appropriate drills, good wrap up, etc. I find that I get much more out of one of your technique or strategy video’s than watching pro tournaments.

-Cindy Lindemann

Your Dominating Doubles series of modules had been invaluable to my growth in the game. Watching a series of points and then getting the rundown on what was good and not-so-good about the play gave me a perspective easily transferred to my own play.

-Oscar Bargnes

I have been watching your videos for 2 months now and my play has improved with your instructional videos. You guys are doing a great job – keep up the good work!!!!

-Richard Borges

“I have been watching your videos, and found that I like the ones that focus on strategy and court movement best.  They get my brain to think more about what is coming, and how to counter that future attack, or how to avoid that attack!

-Amy Walsh

“My wife and I will soon be empty nesters, and due to some chronic pain issues she is working through, Pickleball is one of the few athletic activities we can do together. She’s a new player as well, but I’m so thankful to have this outlet for us to build on.  PrimeTime Pickleball has been a great resource for us as we learn the game together.


Your videos helped me to improve my game after every tip I picked up from the video and practiced on the court. Your demonstrations are clear and easy to follow. I like the kinaesthetic information about body movement along with the descriptions of paddle angle and pace. It’s the perfect combination of multimodality learning.

-Susan Carhart

I see you as a true COACH rather than just a dispenser of pickleball tips. Your videos have become formative in my pickleball play.

You focus on body mechanics, technique, footwork, strategy, shot consistency, personal play evaluation & improvement plans (i.e. Dominating Doubles), mental preparation, injury avoidance—and much more! Your videos are both comprehensive and deep. I find myself watching the same videos multiple times to absorb and visualize the techniques, footwork & body mechanics. When I go back to watch older videos, I often find new information that I overlooked first time. Your videos are a deep well of knowledge.   

Perhaps the most important thing I learned from you was the importance of practice and developing shot consistency, especially in the basic shots.

You have been instrumental in improving my game and thus have become a partner in sustaining my joy.

-Nick Leone

Primetime is factual with no misleading fluff of grandeur and their content routinely practices the “KISS” theory “Keep it Simple Smart”. 

[The]  videos and verbal key teaching points are well delivered with the student’s learning process in mind regardless of their level of expertise.  How to start the skill, how to execute the skill and how to finish it. I often refer back to Primetime’s teaching tools when one of my skills is not consistently being executed. Back to basics…to be the best I can be!

I am pleased to share that with Primetime’s help I am now confident to step on the court with anyone anywhere…Well maybe not Nicole yet…but soon

-Diane Boles

One thing I notice that sets you apart from the other online [pickleball] teachers is your detailed, nuanced and structured explanations and demonstrations.

-Terry Gabrielle

You’re doing a great job with your videos – keep up the good work!. I appreciate all the tips in fine tuning my pickle ball game.


Having never played a racquet sport before I had a lot of work to do to get comfortable on the court.  I turned to YouTube to find some instructional videos.  That’s when I was introduced to you and PrimeTime Pickleball.

One video in particular, Develop 4.0+ Control & Feel BY YOURSELF in less than 10, hit home for me. 10 minutes a day.  I can do that.

-Bobby Orr

It is easy to see what you are talking about and your participants do a great job of actually showing what is being talked about.

I am relatively new to pickleball and absolutely love the sport! I want to get better and one of the ways I am doing that is by watching your videos. Thank you 🥰.


“I sincerely enjoy your improvement videos as they have helped my game as well as my coaching.

-Ken Pechumer

“Primetime Pickleball has helped me identify what shots I needed to add to my game and shots to defend against properly when transitioning from tennis.


You recently did a video on how to keep you eye on the ball when you do not have a back board; that video sent me out throwing my ball in the air, flipping it, hitting the edge, and all the other suggestions you made to help focus on the ball! Now I do them before I play.

You have made it possible for me to improve in simple easy steps… listen to your instruction and follow your practical suggestions on the court.

Whenever I see an area that needs help, on to [You]Tube I go to see what to do. Your expertise is top notch! Thanks for improving my game with your knowledge and teaching skills.

-Lynn Simpkin

Your teachings help me to follow the step-by-step mechanics of various strokes  and to explain it to others if they need help.

Although I’m lower than a 4.0 player, your videos are aspirational (gets me in a 4.0 mindset even tho my skillset is not yet there). I’m a perpetual fan!


Since we were among the first in our province to play pickleball we had to rely on your videos for direction on the skills required to begin playing, and to improve our game.

With limited coaching direction available in our province we have had to seek out resources, such as your videos to learn the skills to play pickleball. So….  your videos have been essential in our progress and growth. They are very informative and easy to follow.Keep up the great work you do for pickleball players.

-Elsie Thistle

I love teaching PB to my friends and learning from others.  And you and your channel, Primetime Pickleball, were one of my first instructors.

Thank you for making PB so easy to teach to others.  I’ve shared your videos with my friends as well over the last 2 years.  Keep putting out great content and I’ll keep watching!

-Gabriel Wang-Herrera

Thank you making all the valuable and useful videos.  I have learnt a lot from watching your videos.

I beat many of the players that I used to play with, who started playing Pickleball much longer than I have, all due to watching your videos.

-Yvonne Chen

“After watching your video on back board drills (and LOTS of practice) to improve your forehand & backhand NVZ skills, I now have the confidence and improved quick hands to defend & execute NVZ shots consistently.

-Pam McCarthy

First off just want to say how much I enjoy your pickleball teaching videos & your method of explaining everything.  It has really helped me with my game as practice & playing alone is not enough especially since I work full time & have lots to do outside of work hours to fit in pickleball which I absolutely love!

Your videos have given me very specific information to focus on which I try to implement every time I am able to play as well as some of the practice drills I find are very helpful.  You are inspirational as a player & coach.

-Stephanie Alexander

“My last couple of years have found me recovering from plantar faciatis. Between my days off and occasional play opportunities,  I’ve been gleaning many pointers from your videos.  It has given me confidence in place of playing (pre-injury play was about 4x week).

I believe watching the tutorials of how-to or not-to play has helped me stay on my game and improve because I know with injury comes alternative forms of play….which do not necessarily mean “correct” playing.  Having the visuals/videos have become a habit now as I’ve fully recovered. I will always need positive reinforcement with instructions – thank you for providing that to me.

-Kathy Mitchell

“Your vidoes have inspired me to take my game to the next level.  I’ve improved my serve, volley, and have a better understanding of the game due to your videos!

-Micheal Urias

I have improved my game by watching your videos, which I hope reinforces what you are doing. I have gone from being a raw beginner to almost 4.0. I plan to go beyond that – so I will be watching more of your videos.

The strategy work you cover is particularly invaluable. It’s one thing to be able to hit shots but even more important to know why and when to hit them.

But the big thing I learned from watching your videos was to think more about what I was doing. Not just reactively playing shots but proactively making things happen.

-Paul McDevitt

I find the videos very helpful, and they really have helped me in many aspects of the game, particularly in practicing the dinks and 3rd shot drops (which I continually struggle with, but, hey, keeping at it!).

I also really enjoy your personal style of making the videos, with lots of substance, and limiting the “fluff”.

-Robert Margulies

“I have definitely become a better player because of your videos and instruction.

-Denise Roy

I started playing pickleball in July of 2022. I’ve loved being able to watch the videos for beginners to learn what to do (and what not to do). However, I started incorporating those beginner tips and then moved up to different skills and continue to benefit from videos that continue to move me closer to the next level. I know for certain that my pickleball game wouldn’t have progressed as quickly as it did without all the PrimeTime Pickleball content. Nicole is a master is at breaking down skills with video to make them digestible. I always love it when I’m sitting at work and an email from the YouTube channel comes in with a new video!

[…] pickleball has been life-changing for me. Thank you, Nicole and PrimeTime Pickleball, for your part in that. Your instruction for new players is so welcoming and encouraging, and your videos always make me feel like there is someone in my corner giving me some “special coaching tips.

-Cathy Frank

PrimeTime Pickleball has probably created a YouTube addiction in me. Thank you so much for your step by step videos. 

Thanks for filling my happy tank and helping so many of us grow our skills, for the love and joy of the game.

-Mary Lewis

“Since I haven’t found anyone to practice with on a regular basis, watching your videos on how to practice solo or against a wall has improved my game and given me added confidence.  I can now hold my own against far more talented and experienced players.  Thanks for the inspiration and help.

-Rick Persons

“I’m 72 and I feel that through your videos, my game has improved much quicker so I’m now at a 3.5 level. I don’t think I could have done it without you guys.

-Andrew Scheschter

My partner and I have benefited greatly from your videos, advice and clear instructions.

Prime Time Pickleball has been a great inspiration to me and my drilling partner.

To this day we continue to drill and encourage our club members to do likewise. We feel we owe Prime Time Pickleball and great big Thank You for the inspiration to improve, the drills on how to improve and pat ourselves on our backs for being so diligent to follow through.

-Bill Jameson

Ever since I started playing pickle ball I have watched your instructional videos. From learning the rules to slowly developing into the 4.0 player I am today. Understanding the rules of engagement, having your videos explaining the purpose for each particular offensive and defensive shot has been a great developing benefit to me. Your practice videos were also very helpful in developing my skill set. 

I believe your video instructions have helped me through this and they continue to assist me in my journey to get better. I will continue to look forward to your tutorials.

-Larry DeMarchi

I love the videos put out by Prime Time Pickleball. I love how they focus on one thing and go through step by step and with multiple views of how to achieve each goal.

The lessons are very clear and short enough that they are manageable without getting distracted. I am excited to keep learning all I can and progress to the next level.

-Tonya Van Tassell

Prime Time Pickleball is the best resource I have found online. 

I have found the videos of PB foundations very helpful. I have saved all the videos on drilling to develop and improve ball control resulting in significant improvement in my game. 

You have convinced me that improvement comes from drilling. I was so inspired, in fact, that I moved all the furniture out of my formal living room. The room is now set up as a dedicated indoor court and I drill off of the wall every day. A huge win for me is that, as my muscle-memory strengthens by working the PrimeTime drills, my confidence has soared in becoming a worthy opponent in game play.

-Janet Mills

Thank you for the hours of drill videos you and your team have provided. 

As you’ve mentioned multiple times, there’s no substitute for drilling if you want to up your game.  I use your wall drills regularly if I don’t have a partner but when I do have a partner you’ve provided plenty of content for that. 

I love your touch and control drills when you’re by yourself and also the how to defend against slams video. 

You and your team have had a big hand in the development of my game and for that I thank you!

-Karen McMillin

At my age I thought I couldn’t compete, and watched your videos to help with my game. I used your drills, observed your techniques, and practiced. Although I’ve only been playing for a month as a beginner, because of your mentoring I’ve been able to hold my own with kids 50+ years younger than I. Pickleball and you have changed my life. 

I am grateful to you for sharing your expertise.

-Sheila Azevedo

Without a shadow of overstatement your instruction helped me transition from an absolute rookie to my 4.0 and on occasion 4.5 current rating.

You have made a difference in my pickleball journey.

-Peter Hale

“I have learned a lot from your techniques of the body positioning and the 3rd shot drop.

-Sylvie Goure

I started watching PrimeTime pickleball videos on YouTube to learn more about the game and get instruction on how to play better. 

Many thanks for the instructional videos, with very concise details followed up by actual play.  Those combined has very much helped me on my path to happy pickling!

After watching multiple videos over a course of several weeks, one morning while playing with this “coach” as my partner in a doubles match, he turned to me and asked me “what did you do”?  He wanted to know how I was able to play way better almost overnight.  Well, I explained to him about learning from the PrimeTime pickleball videos and over the weekend I guess something must have sunk in.

-Jennifer S.T.

“The biggest thing I get out of your videos are the ones where I can drill/practice by myself. I can do them at home without a court. They have dramatically improved my hand/eye coordination and footwork.

-Robert Brown

“Thank you for being selfless and giving us all these great videos. When I started playing I had no idea that there was so much to the game. You have really opened my eyes to the possibilities! I be really look forward to the videos from my inbox to step up my game to the next level. I know it takes a lot of practice but using your videos to concentrate on specific tasks it makes it so much easier than trying to figure it out on my own.

-Jeff Spearman

I cannot say enough about the ways in which PrimeTime Pickleball content has improved my game. 

Though I have only been playing for 15 months, I learned early on to be selective in who I receive my instruction from. Prime Time Pickleball, my go-to- site,  helps me be a student of the game.  I learned so much strategy and mechanics in the Dominating Doubles course- my serve, return, third shot, dinks, backhand,  have all improved because you taught me that correct mechanics  and  drilling  frequently will help my skills improve, more so than  spending all my time playing games. 

Because of the skills you have taught me, players actually ask me to play/ partner with them and that makes me feel so good. 

The videos on the backhand shot have been invaluable, especially the wall drills. Because of the help you provide and the time I  dedicate to improving my backhand, presently, I really like my backhand shot. I also enjoy rewatching the videos you post because it serves as a reminder to me of what I should be doing.

I share yourYouTube content with my pickleball friends because I know we will all be better players when we practice the skills you teach.

-Michele Blanchard

“[…] you guys have the best comprehensive pickleball instructional videos out there.


Our coach suggested we look you up on YouTube for beneficial tips to improve our game, and I have definitely enjoyed watching and trying to implement what I have seen. So thank you for your dedication to helping us!”

-Star Williams

“I started playing pickleball in October of 2020. I knew nothing about the game beforehand but I quickly got addicted to it and I binge watched so many PrimeTime pickleball videos to try to understand the game.

I have the contents of the wall practice videos memorized. Playing against a wall gave me great hand eye coordination and a really quick response time in addition to improved skills and accuracy. I still use the wall practices to warm up before I start playing and if there’s down time between games. 

I watch other PrimeTime videos weekly when the newsletter is sent out and I try to incorporate the lessons into my play each week.

I really appreciate that the videos give me the perspective to see my mistakes and know what steps to take to correct them.

Thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge in detailed and organized lessons!

-Rouhina Mehregan

I always look forward to new YouTube videos from you as they are always helpful and informative.

PrimeTime Pickleball content has helped my pickleball game in several areas, I think particularly in strategy and court positioning.

-Mark Gholston

I enjoy your videos and have seen almost all and some more than once. Your PrimeTime Pickleball Channel is great and is helping me improve my game.

PrimeTime Pickleball is my go-to site for everything pickleball and is chockful of great videos to develop and improve my game.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to develop a site that is improving my game significantly; it is very much appreciated.

-Charles V Lanza

“I really love these videos that Nicole makes. She is easy to understand and doesn’t yammer, lol. She is straight to the point and doesn’t go off topic. The videos are well selected visuals to coincide with the narrative. I’m happy to say that my game has improved and I look forward to watching more videos.

-Alissa Greene

Prime Time pickleball content has helped me reach new levels in my pickleball game because of several reasons.

Your emails and videos are easy to understand. There is a good variety of content including both offensive and defensive play and there are good examples to follow. You go over the basics but also have more advanced information. I love the practical, detailed drills.

I have learned a number of things about having a plan, being strong mentally, being positive, strategy, teamwork, and also the mechanics of the game.

-Cindy Nelson

The content you create has been [helpful] for so many people who are looking to learn the game or improve on their current capabilities.

I know that I have definitely seen the benefits of the numerous videos that so clearly convey valuable guidance on everything from shots and drills to court positioning and strategy. I often find myself scouring the video archive looking for some new morsel of knowledge to help me with my latest struggles on the court.

Thanks again for providing such great content for learning and growing in this incredibly enjoyable game.

-Michael Maness

“I found PrimeTime Pickleball while searching YouTube videos and found the instruction very useful as well as user friendly. The instruction is at a level that I can understand and the videos are detailed to help hit home the point. You guys do a great job. I really believe that your videos have helped my game significantly. I even like the pointers on practicing by yourself 😉

-Audrey Peterson

About 4-5 years ago I found Primetime Pickleball. This YouTube channel continues to be one of my best resources. I look forward to the emails I receive announcing a new video out on the channel. 

I use these resources not only to continue to work on my own game, but to help provide drills during our club lessons.

-Marcia Hartman

Prime Time PickleBall has taught me the importance of learning the fundamentals of pickleball. 

Coming  from a tennis background I needed to make adjustments in order to hit the ball out in front of me. The explanation and demonstration on one of the videos made for an easy transition to a better swing and hence a better return

PrimeTime Pickleball has helped me reach the next level in both the physical and mental aspects of the game.

-Eric Stone

“I watched your videos and let’s just say another Pickleball nut was born.

Thank you for your great content, you get to the point of the video quickly and clearly and I like that!

-Sheila Mcqueen

Interestingly, there were several internet coaches but I found them often to be long on talk and short on performance. That was not true of PrimeTime Pickleball. I liked the direct instruction followed by lots of “action” or demonstration.

PrimeTime provided a more professional teaching presentation that was easy to understand and gave me drills to use in my practice and growth of my game.

One of the resources that helped me as a player was PrimeTime Pickleball, so as a coach, whatever the focus of my lesson was, I would recommend a PrimeTime video to reinforce that particular skill.

Keep up the good work, Nicole. There are many of us that really appreciate and benefit from what you do.

-Nancy Stevens

I have found your videos to be extremely useful and have used your strategies and tips to vastly improve my game. 

Of particular note is your video on training drills with and without a wall.  We routinely use these simple yet effective drills to warm up and to kill time between games.

-Matt Fuss

I am a long-time fan of you and your pickleball videos.  They are always super helpful, easy to understand and engaging.  Your teaching style is very easy to grasp and the video inserts and highlights make the lessons and tips even more effective.

Your videos have helped me improve my game in a number of key areas including my serve and volleys. My serve is much more consistent and more of an offensive weapon as with the depth and pace I am getting it often causes my opponent to chip back a shallow return thus giving me and my partner more 3rd shot options.

Your commitment to the sport is helping me and thousands of others to enjoy it even more!!!  Thanks!!!

-Joseph Rosales

“[…]Primetime videos is like a gentle reminder of what I should be doing. It is like going to church. You already know what you are supposed to do but sometimes it is good to be reminded and that can put you back on the path of doing your best.  The reminders are what I need to reach that next level of pickleball!

-Nikola Mehes

“I’ve watched SO many of your videos. They’re all very informative.One of the most useful ones was learning to read the paddle in regards to back spin or top spin. It’s helped me a lot.

-Lenore Odendaal

“One year ago, my life changed thanks to PrimeTime Pickleball Youtube videos. A friend introduced me to pickleball for the first time, knew nothing about it, and was told to watch Youtube videos to learn the game.  So, from day 1, I discovered PrimeTime Pickleball and all your informative lessons on Youtube on how to play pickleball and how to improve my game. It has helped me in so many ways.

-Anne Miyasaka

Your channel has been instrumental in bringing me up to a level of pickle ball that I wasn’t sure I could get to .

I refer to PrimeTime for the best answers.

-Frank Sammut

“I started watching Primetime Pickleball about 3 years ago and was very pleased with the concise and easy to understand instructions. I love the way Nicole explains the why’s of the particular skill she is demonstrating and I particularly like the way the video shows the action in slow motion so we can really see it. When Nicole started her online learning course, I didn’t hesitate to join and have not been disappointed. I am now an IPTPA certified coach and am happy to be able to share the knowledge I gained from Prime Time PB with others.

-Margaret Dunbar

“Many people were key in my journey to becoming a Pickleball Addict including Prime Time Pickleball!

-Janice Riley

“As someone who just started pickleball less than 2 months ago, Primetime Pickleball has really taught me the proper techniques and strategies first instead of forming bad habits and trying to break them as I play more.

-Colin Lee

Your PrimeTime videos helped to improve my game by showing me “Wow there’s amazing strategy techniques!”. 

Your Videos taught me HOW TO PLAY! HOW TO THINK! When I knew where to hit the ball and why in addition to where to go during play and why, it has improved my playing a hundred fold.

-Cheryl Drake

“Your videos were some of the first I started watching when I developed my pickleball addiction.

-Scott Ronnebeck

All of your wonderful videos are so helpful, especially when they closed all of the courts. Your videos gave us something to practice to keep our spirits up. I refer all of my friends to your site as I believe you guys are great!!!!”

-Barbara Dumler

“Thanks for your effort in providing many tips for playing a better pickleball.

-Ray Huang

“When I get back on the courts, I hope to  put into practice all the tips and strategy I learned from Prime Time Pickleball and annihilate my opponent!  Ok, maybe just advance my skill level, but I do enjoy a good WIN!

-Debra Forbes

Your videos have provided and continue to provide me with countless hours of instruction, tips and insights. 

[In one of your videos] you spoke of how you would set goals of what you wanted to work on before each practice/game/match/tournament, writing those goals down, then evaluating your performance after each session. That really helped me to focus, be precise in my goals, and be honest with my evaluation. As I work towards a 4.0 rating, your videos and drills are a constant reminder that it can be a reality.

-Thomas Wilson

“I started playing in October 2021.  I love it and watch your videos to figure out what to do and how to do it.  Share with all my new friends and now they watch and share!

-Debi Morga

One episode which has offered me valuable information for my own practice of pickleball skills and also the teaching of pickleball is your detailed explanation of backboard drills. I found this to contain skills with accompanying descriptions for proper execution to be a valuable tool in my own development as well as in the teaching of pickleball.

The focus episode gave valuable hints on how to maintain one’s focus during tournament or recreational play.

Thanks for your videos on all aspects of pickleball. They are a valuable tool for all levels of pickleball players.

-Frank K.

“I like how you give reasons why and when to use different strategy. How to have more power without hurting yourself; and, you show the wrong way and the correct way.  Excellent drills.

-Maxine Jol

“Thank you for the videos you produce!  You make them easily understandable, and I get the most benefit out of the drill exercises, and especially the ones I can do by myself.  It was you, that helped me understand why you need to drill! You’re matter-of-fact, and calm with your presentation – I appreciate that you don’t yell into the camera or jump all around trying to get everyone excited. You just…talk to me. I’m glad I found you on YouTube.

-Amber Landeen

Your channel is one of my favorite channels that I keep coming back to!! Content has great variety, and more importantly, REAL CONTENT and is not presented in a RUSHED manner. Every technique, concept and idea is conveyed very well.

From Dinking, to DRIVES (just watched this for the 5th time yesterday), to serving. Your channel has allowed me to focus on what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing this.”

 -Steve Stewart

“I continue to tell everyone how much pickleball changed my life.  I have subscribed to Primetime Pickleball to keep learning and improving my game and showing up joyful and eager to meet friends old and new.

-Annabelle Johnson

“I have purchased your doubles course and am writing to commend you. I am half through and very impressed with the content. I think your strategy comments throughout is excellent.

-Larry Roberts

I was very impressed with the Primetime Pickleball Youtube tips and decided to purchase the Dominating Doubles Course in May 2022. By the way, your Youtbue channel video tips have been very helpful to my pickleball journey. Not only do you share your expertise and insight for the game.   You are an inspiration to the sport.”

-Allan Lui

I have been able to reach a higher level in pickleball by watching all your pickleball videos and written instructions on practicing better. Thanks for all your help and dedication for making us better pickleball players.”

-Gaetan Guenette

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your generosity, kindness, excellent vid production quality, and content. I really treasure your channel.

-Taylor Forester

“Thank you for being so diligent in the product you and others produce.

-Pat Heurtin

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