In this blog, we’re going to talk about the deadliest attack that you can hit when you’re up at the non-volley zone line.

The better players you play are going to be more ready at the net. They’re going to have quicker hands and a lot of them are going to be set on their backhand side most of the time.

We’re talking about when you’re on the defense. You’re going to be around the non-volley zone line and you want to defend hard shots at your body.

In this blog, we’re specifically talking about a ball that’s attackable that’s over the net.

A lot of the times, most players will just try to hit through the person and try to hit as hard as they can to their body.

But, what you want to do is hit that ball away from your opponent’s body.

If they’re a right-hander you really want to attack their right side, so around their right hip or thigh.

If you attack straight on to your opponent’s body their going to have their paddle ready out in front of them and they’ll be able to return those balls. When a paddle is in front of a player, they can easily block those balls coming straight to them.

If you attack the right hip or right thigh this will be more challenging for your opponents. You want to attack down to their side and down.

It’s not about the pace.

If you get a ball that’s up, you really want to make sure your ball is descending into the area on your opponent’s forehand side even if it’s a medium pace ball.

Anything on the forehand side is going to give your opponent’s a lot more trouble because, as mentioned, the regular players are probably going to be set on their backhand side.

So, the forehand side is going to be a great target to attack. Your opponent’s will have to whip their paddle to their forehand really quick or they’ll have to slide over to make it on their backhand which will be awkward.

Go ahead and utilize that. Make sure you’re not aiming directly to the body and hitting those straight, hard body shots.