If you’ve watched our channel for any length of time or seen practically any video about pickleball, it quickly become clear that one of the main objectives in doubles pickleball is to get both you and your partner up to the NVZ line as quickly as possible as a unit because that’s where you will control the point and have the best chance of winning.

However, there are certainly times when it’s ok and actually preferable and more advantageous to step back off the line.

Pickleball strategy does not exist in a vacuum. You have to be flexible and adapt to the situation at hand. Sometimes that situation will call for you to step back so that you can move forward in the point.

In this video, we cover 5 scenarios when it’s a good thing to step off the line. Check it out and try it out. You’ll be surprised how effective it can be to step off the line when the situation calls for it.