The way we’re taught to dink when we first learn pickleball is a good start. We are taught to hit flat (push) dinks that land in the kitchen. It’s good to get really consistent at dinking in this way and vital to have a solid foundation to dinking.

However, you’ll start to realize as you progress up the ranks of pickleball that a flat dink like that just isn’t going to cut it anymore no matter how consistent you are because they often tend to bounce too high putting little to no pressure on your opponent.

Dinks like that with no spin or do not stay very low and being attacked more and more even if the bounce stays below the height of the net.

Advanced players are able to effectively attack from below the height of the net and that is going to be even more true as time goes on and they get better and better at it.

The solution is to put some kind of action on your dinks. In this video, we’ll talk about all the different ways you can put action on your dinks and make you opponents feel the pressure of these aggressive dinks that set you up for the win..