When I first met Jordan, I hadn’t played much pickleball. I had played maybe a handful of times. And, like everyone that’s just getting started, I played like a banger. And, I could bang with the best of them PLUS… it was fun. As soon I started playing with Jordan and his group which consisted of only 4.5 and above players, it quickly became clear that banging was not going to work anymore. Jordan quickly pointed out all the skills I would need to master in order to become a top player and of course the main two were dinking and 3rd shots. So, we went to work with dink and 3rd shot drills. Nothing fancy, we basically just rotated between straight ahead and cross court dink drills and the simplest of 3rd shot drills…one player on the baseline dropping it in the kitchen and one at the net sending it back deep. Oh! I almost forgot, we also did the “No Man’s Land” drill which is almost the same as the simple 3rd shot drill except the baseline player will move up a bit and stand about half way between the baseline and the NVZ line. Like I said… Nothing fancy… We went at this for about 1.5 – 2 hours before playing full games with others each time I came to the courts and sometimes we did it after also. I usually drilled with Jordan or his Dad, Batong. We often did these drills and made games to 5 points out of them. For months, they would out dink me or out drop me. Practically ALWAYS! Of course, it’s frustrating to be on the losing end almost all of the time. Jordan in particular is tough, you can’t lose focus for a single moment because if you make even the smallest of mistakes, he will eat you alive. It can be hard and frustrating but it is by far the best and fastest way to get really good at a skill. You just have to keep going and on some level, embrace how much you suck at it and just drill right on through that because you WILL come out on the other end as a far superior player. Eventually, after a few months of this, my dinks and drops got SOLID and I was going toe to toe with them. That’s when things start to get really fun but you have to bite the bullet and drill through the suckiness first. That’s just how it works. So get to drilling that shot that you KNOW needs it. With that in mind… When you get up to the net in pickleball, which is where you want to be, it becomes a test of patience with the dinking game but if both teams have roughly the same dink capabilities then it will come down to who has the fastest hands. More and more, pickleball is becoming a game of speed. Can you successfully speed it up and out gun your opponents with control at high rates of speed? If you want to get better with speed at the net then the drill video at the top of this post is for you. Check it out! Get our free 3rd shot course here! –> 3rd Shot Drop Course