Do you struggle with your 3rd shot? If you do or if you’d simply like your 3rd shot to be better then this is the lesson for you. In this video we’ll cover how you can master your 3rd shot and be able to hit it from anywhere on the court.

The 3rd shot can be difficult to master from the baseline. This approach to working your third shot drop will allow you to gain feel as you work on being able to drop it in the kitchen from further and further back in the court.

Ultimately, you will want to be able to drop it into the kitchen from anywhere on the court. This video will show you how you can go about mastering the skill of the pickleball drop shot.

In today’s video/blog we’re going to show/describe to you how you can  learn to master your third shot drop and hit it from anywhere.

We’re going to go over a drill that’s going to help with your your third shot drop.

A lot of people have problems hitting their third shot drop from the base  line. So, this is a good transitional drill that you can do and work on that  touch as you progress from the non-volley zone to the baseline.

I have my friend Danny with me today and we’re going to go over this drill.

We’re both up at the non-volley zone line and I’m going to hit a dink to Danny. He’s going to take one small step back and then he’s going to hit  another one from that point and he’s going to keep going as he tries to hit  every shot into the non-volley zone as he progresses to the baseline.

If he misses into the net or if he hits beyond the non-volley zone we’ll  just switch roles and then I’ll go back and try to reach the baseline.

If/when Danny gets back to the baseline he’ll then progress forward and hit a drop from the back and then come in, taking a step at a time.

Starting up at the non-volley zone really is really going to help your distance in the court and your feel for the ball.

So here we go.. my turn, I’m going hit and take a step back setting my feet, then take another step back..

You can either hit your forehand or backhand.

Right now I’m just focusing on my forehand, getting that high arc over  the net.

So now, I’ve reached all the way back to the baseline so I’ll come in now trying to make my ball land in the non-volley zone making it unattackable.

If you have trouble hitting your third shot from the baseline this is a good drill you can do because it works on just getting your touch and feel as  you progress further from the net.

Remember to set your feet each time you take a step back.

If you’re struggling with your third shot you can do this with a friend.

Right now we’re just doing it on half of the court or you could also do it  cross-court even side to even side or odd side to odd side.

Get out there to drill and practice and develop that touch on your third shot drop.