In this video/blog we will show/describe to you how to train you return of serve so that you can develop consistency and accuracy. We’ll also touch on return targets to drill with.We’ll also cover a simple yet powerful drill that will improve your return accuracy.

When you hit consistently strong returns it will make it very difficult for the serving team to hit good 3rds shot drops and come to the net.

Returning is super important in the game of pickleball.

You want to get it deep, and you want to be really strategic where you return the ball depending on who you’re playing and what their skill set is. You also want to keep in mind things like if your opponent is right-handed or left-handed, things like…

I have the cones placed about three feet from the baseline. In the corner on the even side, in the corner on the odd side and towards the middle.

These are three different targets that we’re going to be working on today. These are just indicators. You can use anything that you have access to such as a notebook or whatever else you have lying around that you can put down.

I’m going to try to hit these targets.

I have with me today, Kaden. He’s going to be serving to me and I’m going to be returning.

Returning is really important because you really want to make your returns deep and you want to make it as hard as possible for your opponent to deal with that ball so that they have a more difficult third shot.

This is a good drill that you can do with targets to practice getting your returns deep and practice on putting them where you want to put them.

We’re going to start on the even side and I’m going to try to hit some cones. Later, I’ll switch to the odd side.

Let me try to go down the middle first, trying to get my returns deep and trying to locate them close to my target. Next, I’ll aim some to the even corner and the odd corner.

I’m hitting a forehands and backhands.

Now I’m going to go cross-court return.

The whole key is just trying to hit a target and be aware of where you’re hitting your return.

A lot of times you go out there and the team is serving at you and you’re just trying to get it in. These cones are good indicators of where you should be aiming.

You can move the targets around and play with that.

This drill is a good lesson to be learned in the sense that you really want to try to locate your returns depending on where your opponents are and depending on their abilities.

Trying to get either to their backhand or to their weaker side, things like that.

But the majority of time you do want to get it nice and deep either if it’s a slower more arced returns so that you can get up to the net or maybe with more slice and more spin or just a flat deep return.

Get out there and practice! Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!