Have you ever heard the phrase “offense wins games, defense wins championships”. Well, that rings very true in the pickleball world as well.

Often we focus on offense because it’s sexy. It’s more fun to win a point than it is not to lose a point. But the truth is that the best players have both devastating offense and incredible defense.

If they get into trouble, they have the skills to get out of it and steal back points as well as demoralize their opponents in the process.

Think about it…how painful is it to lose a point that you were in control of the whole time, that you thought you had one 5 times with great shots but your opponents just keep on getting that one last ball back over and over again.

What’s worse is that not only did they steal a point that you basically had in the bag but it pays dividends for them down the road as well because you will likely overhit on points still to come.

So, great defense gets you a point now and gets you points in the future too. It’s really worthwhile to develop you defensive skills and in this video we show you a great way to do it.

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