In today’s video/blog, we will show/discuss the Ultimate 2-person Doubles Game.

It’s a game that most closely resembles a doubles game played with 4 people but that can be done with just two.

With it you can work all the skills that you will need for a full doubles game: Serve/Return, 3rd shots, Dinks, Drives, Lobs, Resets/Blocks & Everything in between.

This game is especially great to do after you’ve drilled a few specific skills that you now want to insert into a live play situation that most closely resemblers a full doubles game.

Here’s Jordan to discuss how it’s done…

We’re going to go over one of my favorite drills and this is called skinny singles or half-court singles.

It’s a really fun drill if you only have one person to practice with. It’s going to work on all the shots that you’re going to need in a doubles match.

Basically we’re just going to play half of this court and in this skinny singles drill we’re just playing straight.

In a real game, yes, you would serve cross-court but we’re just going to serve straight and play this one half of the court.

The sidelines are out and the center line is out along with a imaginary line going through the kitchen.

I’m going to start back at the baseline. You can score it just like singles.

You can score it to 11 and you only score on your serve.

I’m going to serve, my friend Aaron is going to return and come in just like he was playing doubles. I’m going to try to work my way in hit a third shot drop or drive it, whatever I choose. If I lose a point than the other player (Aaron) will serve.

This is a really fun drill!

As you start playing this drill you’ll see that it really works on your serving, your returning, your third shot drops, etc.

Once you both make it to the non-volley zone it’s game on! s

Go out there and drill it and rotate with other people. You can even make a mini tournament.