PrimeTime Pickleball is thrilled be a title sponsor at the annual Engage Golden State Pickleball Championships that takes place in Concord, CA every July.  The tournament is the biggest in Northern California. The participants were maxed out at 500+ on just the 2nd annual holding of the tournament which is double what it was from the first year. We also regularly have so many people come up to our booth and thank us for our pickleball videos and express how much their game has benefited from learning from them. It is always music to our ears because that is exactly why we do what we do and to hear that we’re making an impact on people’s lives and to the sport makes us very happy and inspires us to continue in the pursuit of our mission. With that in mind…we shifted gears a bit in our last few videos and it has been very well received. We focused on STRATEGY! We are so lucky to have been joined by Senior Pro, Helle Sparre, to help us with some awesome pickleball strategy videos. Helle is the creator of the Dynamite Doubles System which she originally developed and successfully implemented to help countless tennis players win more in doubles. She has tweaked and adapted her system for pickleball. Clearly, her system works as she herself has used it to win many titles including the US Open and National Championships. She now teaches her system to pickleball players across the country and is widely recognized as one of the best instructors around. Helle shares some of the highlights of her system in this video that focuses on how to (legally) isolate and frustrate an opponent leading their play to break down which ultimately result in more wins for you. Before we jump on the court, it’s important to understand a few key terms and concepts that Helle will mention repeatedly as they are part of the building blocks of her dynamite doubles system. What is “In Front Of The Ball” and “Across From the Ball”? You are the player in front of the ball if the ball is on your opponents side straight ahead of you. In this scenario, Player A is in front of the ball and Player B is across from the ball. In this scenario, Player B is in front of the ball and Player A is across from the ball. Who is the Terminator and Who is the Workhorse? In Helle’s system, the player on your team that is in front of the ball is the terminator and is looking to be the aggressor, seeking to end points by finishing shots through the opposing player closest to them which will be the one straight ahead from them. The workhorse, is the player on your team that is across from the ball. The workhorse is seeking to setup the terminator for the kill shot. Check out the video at the top of the post to see how this all works together to form winning pickleball strategy. Get our free 3rd shot course here! –> 3rd Shot Drop Course